"We had a flyer through the door one day so we thought we would try out Ann's foot services from the comfort of our sofa. Rob has diabetes so it is important to look after his feet. Ann is always professional and has helped enormously with my foot pain. Would recommend her to our friends."


Deb of Stockwood

"I have Type 2 Diabetes and at my last check up the specialist nurse reminded me to keep a close watch on my foot health although everything was fine at the moment.

I decided to get my feet an overhaul and my toenails clipped as I find it difficult to get that bit right and have a tendency towards in-growing toenails on my big toes.

Ann was the perfect choice. She did a great job at putting me at ease and in no time had my toenails clipped, medication applied for a minor dose of Athletes’ Foot and some cream supplied for my dry skin. She also gave my feet a good once over having told her of my Diabetes.

My feet felt so much better after her treatment so I will be returning for more."


Jim of Brislington

"My wife has serious dementia and Ann is both understanding and kind towards her whilst attending to her feet."


John of Stockwood

"Thank you so much for everything you have done to make Mum as comfortable as possible - it is much appreciated. It made such a difference for her to be able to see someone who so clearly understands the needs of someone with dementia and who was able to make her feel quite comfortable with receiving her treatment."


Mrs G of Westbury